Art prints

Art prints depicting landscapes, religious and mystic themes. Special attention, however, is given to colorful lithographs and etchings which show portraits of young girls, nudes or flower still-lives, each of them being unique copies with respect to their coloring.Click inside of the pictures for more infos.


    Der König und die Königin
        No W1 King and Queen    
    Moses vor dem brennenden Dornbusch
    No W2 Mose and the burning bush
    Jesus vor dem Ölberg
        No W3 Jesus in front of mount olivet    
    Adam und Eva vor dem Baum der Erkenntnis
    No W4 Adam and Eve in front of the tree of insight
    Der Auferstandene
        No W5 The revived    
        König Salomon    
        No W6 King Salomon    
        Madonna mit dem Jesuskind    
        No W7 Madonna and divine infant    
        No W8 crucifixion    
    Blumenmädchen   Blumenmaedchen  


    No 1 Flover Girl, colour variations
    Flora erwacht
    No 2 Flora awakening
    Katze des Sfumato
    No 3 The cat of Fumato
        No 4 Smile of a Summer night    
      David und Batsheba  
        No 5 David and Basheba with colour variations    
    Leda und der Schwan
        No 6 Leda and the Swan with colour variations    
        Baum der Erkenntnis    
        No 7 Before the tree of knowledge    
        No 8 Aura    

    Utas Po

        No 9 Uta´s bud    

        No 10 Flower hat    

    In der Fülle des Sommers

    No 11 Carneval   No 12 The magic of adoration   No 13 In der Fülle...
    No 14 Eva Christina  

    No 15 The girl with the dove

      No 16 Freedom in thoughts
        No 17 Aura    
    No 18 Flowers in the storm   No 19 Arkadiene landscape   No 20 Lilith
    pour maman    
    No 21 Pour Maman   No 22 Venus on the isle...   No 23 Devotion to death
    No 24 In the nettings ...   No 25 Cosima   No 25a Lohengrin
    No 26 Turandot   No 27 Aphrodite on the....   No 28 Daphne II
    No 29 In the rosegarden   No 30 Malcha   No 31 Queen of hearts
    No 32 Sphinx in doll   No 33 Small autumn bouquet   No 34 The swallow of ..
    No 35 Arielle   No 36 The uniicorn lady   No 37 Nymph of the ...
    No 38 Angel praying   No 39 Cul du monde   No 40 Autumn
    No 41 Leda   No 42 The baptist and ....   No 43 Homage a Eva
    No 44 Spring bouquet   No 45 Yellow blossoms   No 46 Eva in spring
    No 47 Elegie   No 48 Ignis   No 49 Blue blossoms
    Tristan und Isolde   Jüngling  
    No 50 Tristan and Isolde   No 51 Boy with ..   No 52 Jakobus ...
    Mädchen mit Hut     Lovers
    No 53 Girl with hat   No 54 Po Molli   No 56 Lovers
    No 57 Antilaokoon   No 57a Sleeping Angel    


    Angel of death   Madonna
    No 58 Angel of death   No 59 Madonna with Jesus
    No 60 Judith No 61 Iris
    No 62 Tree of Aphrodite   No 63 Salome
    No 64 Ikarus   No 65 Island of the temple
    No 66 Nymphe-Gramophon   No 67 The dressing of Esther
    No 68 King of light   No 69 Jakob and John


    No 70 Girl with apricots   No 71 Eagle and snake


    No 72 Daphne and death   No 72 The tree of death


    No 73 Amazone No 74 Europe


    No 75 Venus plays the violin   No 76 La mort cocue
    No 77 Nymphe-Gramophon No 78 Comme Maman

    No 79 Female nude   No 80 Bouquet of roses
    Cinderella und der Zwerg   Black Orchid
    No 81 Cinderella and the dwarf   No 82 Black Orchid
    Dianah   Danae
    No 83 Dianah   No 84 Danae
    Die Tiefe ist oben   Rueckenakt
    No 85 Die Tiefe ist oben   No 86 Nude from behind
    No 87 Fireworks of blossoms
    No 88 Cornelia
    No 89 Foountain of blossoms
    Der Liebesbrief
    Der Soldat und sein Engel
    No 89 The love letter
    No 90 The soldier and his angel
    Der weisse Elephant
    Heiliger Simenon
    Geister der Luft
    No 91 The white Elephant
    No 92 Temptation of the holy Simeon
    No 93 Ghosts of the air
    Verlorene Spur
    FLora erwacht
    Satyr und Satyra
    No 94 Lost track
    No 95 Flora awakening
    No 96 Satyr and Satyra
    Rosen im Spätsommer
    Flora Triumphata
    No 97 Roses in late summer
    No 98 Funeral gondola
    No 99 Flora Triumphata
    Kleine Daphne
    No 100 Little Daphne
    No 101 Summer


Upon request all pictures are available with passe-partout and frame - additional price
EURO 250,00