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Prof. Ernst Fuchs

Ernst Fuchs is one of the founders and the most prominent member of the "Vienna School of Fantastic Realism". The artist has declared it his goal to develop applied art out of the picture world of his imagination, an art which is meant to make the environment in which we live more pleasant and more humane. This constant striving to bring beauty into our everyday life and to embellish the world we live in is the main concern of the Ernst Fuchs Gallery. Here, at Ernst Fuchs Villa, the artist's daughter Angelika takes up the master's suggestions and ideas and realizes them in accordance with her father's imaginations

"What is so special about our gallery is that you can obtain the prints colored and autographed by my father here direct from his gallery. Furthermore my father selected the passe-par touts and frames himself and carefully attuned them to the picture in question."

Prof. Ernst Fuchs with daughter Angelica in the Gallery

Angelica and Ernst Fuchs
Ernst Fuchs paints a champagne bottle, Sylvester2000


Our comprehensive selection of purchasable exhibits comprises:

Small "objets d'art" such as art cards, mounted in mosaic frames, wall clocks in picture form and mirrors.

Art prints depicting landscapes, religious and mystic themes. Special attention, however, is given to colorful lithographs and etchings which show portraits of young girls, nudes or flower still-lives, each of them being unique copies with respect to their coloring.

Pastel, watercolor and oil paintings in old-masters mixing technique.
Here the artist presents representative pictures of his comprehensive work, among which some of his favorite paintings.

Mosaic tables, mosaic chairs and "objets d'art" made of Tiffany glass. For these works the master specially drafts studies in watercolor, which are subsequently realized in an artistic way by Angelika Fuchs. The stained glass to be used for the object in question is carefully selected, each and every piece is cut by hand, finished and inlayed in the base. Every piece of furniture is unique, and a certificate of authenticity signed by Ernst Fuchs is issued to guarantee the originality of the work. The mosaics particularly impress through their brilliant colors, their lucid surface and the marvelous floral motifs.

Small plastic works and sculptures
depicting biblical, mythological and erotic themes. What is particularly amazing about these sculptures is their fine and detailed molding, through which Fuchs has also gained worldwide reputation as a sculptor.

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Visits of our gallery are by appointment only! I am gladly looking forward to welcome you in the Gallery.

Here we offer postcards, poster, art catalogs, silk scarfs, art-cards in mosaic frames, mirrors and tables made of Tiffany-glass, sculptures, art graphics, jewelry, furniture, fabrics and china

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Angelika Fuchs

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