Mosaic tables, mosaic chairs and objets d'art made of Tiffany glass

Mosaic tables

Mosaic table made of cut glass, diameter 23,6 inch, available in three different motifs ("Heart-shaped flower", "Star-shaped flower" and "Blue flowers"), number of copies: 30 pieces each. Each table is hand-made and a unique piece, signed by the artist and provided with a certificate of authenticity. The individual pieces of glass are cut out of the stained glass plates by hand, carefully finished and inlayed in the tabletop. The massive tabletops with mosaic-inlay are bordered with a brass strip and rest on a cast-iron foot. Due to their solid and stabile design the tables are suitable to be used indoors as well as outdoors, e.g. on terraces or in gardens. The tabletops can be screwed off the foot, and the foot itself can be taken into two pieces.

    Star-shaped flower, Blue flowers, Heart-shaped flower
    Heart-round, Red Tulips

Ornamental mosaic chair made of cut stained glass

The chairs, each made by hand according to the design of Ernst Fuchs, are unique pieces. For each of them a certificate of authenticity is issued, and they are signed by the artist on the rear side of the backrest. Height of the seat: 18,5 inch, measures: ca. 16,5 x 16,5 inch.
The chairs are also available in pairs with heart-shaped backrests symmetrically inclining towards each other. Colors: red, black, white and any two-color combination resulting thereof (e.g. black seat and red backrest).